Vågornas sång

A piece of music from the theatre-play "Helluvaguy", we did around 75 gigs last year with this one. Here is a song played entirely on the bass, with the vocalist on backtracks. In the background you can hear the sound of waves. The composer to the music is Gunnar Edander, lyrics written by August Strindberg.

An original piece I wrote this year, combining influences of jazz with traditional Swedish folkmusic.

One of the songs from the album "Light traveller" performed on a
bass clinic april 2009

Peace Prayer
A solopiece for 6-string electric bass, beautifully written and arranged by bassist and composer John Patitucci

Some funk in the house
Bass clinic in Church Garden Studios in Ovik, Sweden. Here are some various slapping techniques - demonstrated with a more musical approach

Studio sessions
A music project together with drummer Cay Nyqvist, this session took place in a studio located in Skellefteå.